We provide fully multi-tracked recording services for bands and acoustic artists.

When recording bands, we generally track drums to a guide guitar/vocal/click track and then build the song from there. We can do live recordings for small setups (3 or 4 piece bands).

We recommend you have your material well-rehearsed and all your equipment is in good shape before the session to get the most from your studio time, if you'd like any advice about recording and equipment don't hesitate to e-mail us to discuss.


We are setup with cutting edge plugins and outboard to mix your tracks to professional standards.

If you're submitting tracks for us to mix, please ensure you give us the completely raw files (with no effects, eq or compression/limiting etc), this will allow us to make the most from the equipment we have and deliver you the best results. Please deliver us the files in the same format they were recorded in, i.e .WAV at 44.1k/24 bit or 96k/24 bit etc, if you would like advice on this please e-mail us.


We have a very high end analogue chain for mastering, providing warmth and depth to your tracks and fixing any issues in balance/tonality, ensuring your tracks translate well on any systems.

If you're submitting tracks for us to master please ensure you have no compression or limiting on your master buss. We advise leaving at least 3db of headroom in your mix and please deliver the pre masters in the best possible format, i.e 44.1k/24bit, 96k/24bit etc, if you would like advice on this please contact us.


We are very experienced in voice recording and editing for voiceovers, audiobooks, adverts.

Please contact us if you're interested in booking the studio for this purpose.